Antenatal counselling

Our team of experts comes with extensive experience in offering comprehensive and compassionate antenatal care backed by evidence-based approach and devote ample time to every mother and her family, addressing their concerns and providing valuable insights on care routines tailored to their health conditions and needs. We guide the mothers throughout their pregnancy journey, support them in their diet plan and nutrition, exercise, counselling on labour and delivery, etc., and help them to experience a pleasant pregnancy and instill confidence in the upcoming childbirth.

We provide personalized counselling for each mother and her partner based on their unique needs and preferences and provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for open discussion, where they feel comfortable expressing their concerns and asking questions. We thrive to create transparency and empower mothers by providing information and involving them in the decision-making process, use intervention only when it is medically indicated, and support them to have a natural birth or a birth of their choice. 

Our midwifery model of care places women at the center of the healthcare experience, promoting their autonomy, dignity, and well-being. We believe that by embracing this model, we can provide women with compassionate, evidence-based care that supports their unique needs and desires throughout their reproductive journey.

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