Contraception & family planning

We offer comprehensive contraception and family planning services to empower individuals and couples to make informed decisions about their reproductive health and to support them in choosing the right contraceptive method. Our team provides an open and non-judgmental environment where we discuss various contraceptive options and help them find the one that aligns with their lifestyle, preferences, and reproductive goals.

We offer a wide range of contraceptive methods, including oral contraceptives (birth control pills), intrauterine devices (IUDs), implants, contraceptive injections, barrier methods (such as condoms and diaphragms), fertility awareness-based methods, and permanent sterilization options.

During consultation, we take the time to assess the medical history of the individual or couple, discuss their contraceptive needs and concerns, and educate them about the benefits, effectiveness, and potential side effects of each method. We believe in shared decision-making, where they play an active role in choosing the contraception option that suits them best. In addition to contraception, we provide comprehensive family planning services to help couples plan for a healthy and desired pregnancy when the time is right. We help them with lifestyle changes.

We thrive on empowering families with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed choices and take control of their reproductive well-being.

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